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In the early years of their inception the faith based rehab centers had a tough time explaining why their services and treatment procedures were effective even for the non Christians. Due to the lack of understanding most non Christians felt that the faith based rehab centers were not appropriate for them. As a result it took a long time for these faith based rehab centers to disseminate proper information about their work and treatment programs. However once it was established that the faith based rehab centers offered treatment programs that had far reaching effects millions of recovering addicts lined up at these centers to seek medical and spiritual help.

Today the faith based rehab centers have become specialized hubs for treating all kinds of addicts. More importantly these faith based rehab centers have proven that a Christianity based treatment program is not restricted to believers of Jesus Christ alone. A number of initiatives are being undertaken by the faith based rehab centers to spread vital information about their treatment programs and counseling sessions. For example these faith based rehab centers have been organizing several seminars workshops and discussion forums to help recovering addicts to come out of their shell and seek proper medical attention.

However if you are still not convinced about the treatment programs run at faith based rehab centers here are a few factors that will help you to take the right decision:

  • A cost effective option

In comparison to the traditional rehab centers that charge a hefty amount these faith based rehab centers are known for keeping their programs at affordable rates. This is possible because the Christian treatment centers are administered by non profit organizations. Moreover these faith based rehab centers are receiving a lot of support from the government agencies which is helping them to maintain their program fees properly. So if you are looking for a cost effective option to get proper treatment for your addiction problem the faith based rehab centers are the right destination for you.

  • Excellent facilities

Although the cost option is a major factor that determines our choices it is still not the only consideration that needs to be taken into account. Realizing this the faith based rehab centers have made sure that the treatment facilities extended at these centers are of the best standards. Contrary to popular belief these faith based rehab centers do not focus solely on the spiritual aspects. They also lay a lot of emphasis on using scientific methods to treat the addicts. This is because after years of research it has been found that alcoholism or drug abuse affects a person both physically as well as mentally. The spiritual requirements are attended during the counseling classes while the body is treated by professional physicians. So you get the best of both worlds.

  • Holistic treatment facilities

The faith based rehab centers are known for extending holistic treatment facilities to the patients. As a result the recovering addicts receive comprehensive treatment facilities. Unlike the traditional rehab centers which have become infamous because of the rising relapse rates the Christian treatment centers have maintained a consistent record of avoiding relapses. Moreover the treatment programs run at the faith based rehab centers are designed to help all kinds of addicts to get rid of addiction on the whole.

  • Scope for personal growth

These faith based rehab centers lay a lot of stress in inculcating skills in the recovering addicts to help them grow as individuals. During their stay the recovering addicts get to choose from wide range of options that help them to broaden their horizons. For example many recovering addicts opt for special classes on Yoga aerobics and music to spend their time at the Christian treatment center. These special classes have proven to be extremely beneficial in helping the addicts in the long term. A large number of ex addicts have pursued these interests to earn a livelihood.

  • Group sessions

It is often found that addicts have a difficult time while interacting with their peers. This problem surfaces because most addicts remain in a mentally fragile state which prevents them from opening up. However by participating in group activities and counseling sessions these recovering addicts can learn to interact with one another in a better way. These group sessions help the recovering addicts to bond with one another. These are also beneficial in bringing recovering addicts closer.

  • Post recovery assistance

One of the major factors that work in favor of a Christian residential treatment center is that these specialized centers are known for extending the best post recovery assistance facilities to all their outgoing patients. These programs are in fact compulsory and require a lot of time and attention. These are attended by the ex addicts in large numbers.

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